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Machines Specification

The adjustable spring loaded Quill travels in truly bored, reamed and honed tail stock. The tail travel smoothly all along the length of table right up to work head.

A generous coolant supply is provided with an electric coolant pump fitted on coolant tank separately provided.


The table is composed of two parts (a) plain table (bottom part) provided with a “V” and flat guides resting on bed ways and (b) a swivel table (upper part) which can be swiveled easily and rapidly by means of a fine adjustment screw on the right hand side of the table.
Angular setting is effected with a scale Longitudinal hand travel of the table is by rack and pinion arrangement and automatic travel is mechanically operated with a separate electric motor.

*Internal Grinding Attachment

The Hine type internal grinding attachment is conveniently located on the wheel head. The said attachment driven with independent electric motor through a flat endless belt giving the highest efficiency. The spindle of the internal attachment is suitable for grinding cylindrical & tapered holes.


The machine is supplied with electricians suitable for the supply of 400/440 V AC 50 Cycle, 3 Phase, Electric motors are of reputed make. The machine has push button switches, contactors, & Amp meter.

Work Head

The work head is built for grinding operation both with stationary and revolving center work head spindle runs in oil body and fitted with “super Quality” imported taper roller bearings OR (at extra cost) adjustable gunmetal bush bearings. The drive to the work head spindle is by “V” belts.

Following Equipment at Extra Cost

  • Internal grinding attachment
  • Internal spindle
  • Swivel of wheel head
  • three point steady rest
  • two point steady rest
  • Additional wheel Flange
  • true Chuck Flange
  • Revolving center MT- 3 & MT- 4 wheel balancing arbors
  • wheel balancing stand
  • radius dressing attachment
  • angular dressing attachment.

PUI 300 Internal (Bore) Grinding Machines Specification.


The base of ‘’PITRODA” hydraulically operated universal cylindrical grinders are made of close-grained cast iron and are well ribbed. The robust design of the body minimizes vibration & distortion. The guide ways one side flat and the other ‘V’ type are precision hand scraped to match the corresponding surfaces of the table slides.

Wheel head

Sturdy design to ensure maximum rigidity and smooth operations. Spindle made of nickel chrome steel Is duly hardened, ground, and lapped. The spindle runs in “Phosphorous Bronze metal” adjustable taper bush bearing in oil bath.

Standard Equipment

Electric motors, Electric panel Box, Belts, Coolant pump fitted on tank. Grinding wheel, Grinding wheel flange attached with the machine, dressing attachment (without diamond) dead center two.


Sr.No. Name PUI 300
1 General
1.Maximum distance between center 300mm
2.Maximum diameter of swing 249mm
3.Maximum grinding diameter 100mm
2 Table
1.HYD Infinitely Varible Range of table feeds / min. 0.5/1.5 mm/mm
2.Maximum swivel of table 7°+3°=10°deg
3.Electric motor 3 phase/ 14440 rpm 440 /440 V 0.37 / 0.5K.W./H.P.
3 Wheel head
1.Grinding wheel (D x W x B) 300 x 25 x 127mm
2.Worn ot diametr 250mm
3.Grinding wheel spindle rpm 2100rpm
4 *Swivel of wheel head
1.Towards work head & tail stock 60°-45°deg.
2.Electric motor 3 phase/1440 rpm 400/440 V 1.5/2K.W./H.P.
3.Maximum tra verse movement 125mm
4.Infeed per one division of hand wheel/division 0.01mm
5 Work head
1.Number of spindle speed 4
2.Range of spindle speed 70/130/140/350rpm
3.Morse taper in spindle 3MT
4.Work head swivel 90°deg.
5.Electric motor 3 phase/1440 rpm 400/440 V 0.37/0.15K.W./H.P.
6.Coolant pump motor 3 phase 2860 rpm/400-440 V 0.11/0.15K.W./H.P.
6 Tail Stock
1.Morse Taper in spindle 3MT
2.Quill travel 25mm
7 Weight and dimention
1.Weight (Approximate) 1300Kg
2.Length 1350mm
3.Width 1050mm
4.Hight 1400mm
8 Work head
1.Spindle diameter (60 x 250) 60mm
2.Maximum internal grinding depth 90mm
3.Minimum maximum diameter of hole grinding 18-100mm
4.Minimum maximum diameter of grinding wheel 14-40mm
5.Spindle quill speed 18000rpm
6.Electric motor 3 phase/2800 rpm 400/440 V 0.37/0.5K.W./H.P.
All weights & dimensions are approximate and are not binding as constantly improving designs.
*Extra equipment at extra cost