Special Purpose Grinding Machines

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Advantags of PUI Grinding Machines.

  • Investment is less
  • Working principle and operation is simple
  • It does not require additional skill.
  • Surface finishing will be approximate 10 times better as compared to milling and turning process of machining.
  • Dimentional accuracy will be quite great.
  • Grinding process could be performed on bardened and unbardened workpiece.
  • Wider fields of application with Universal combination possibilities.
  • wide speed ranges.
  • Constant speed.
  • High cutting speed.
  • Unaffected by constant rough working condition
  • Rugged construction- long working life
  • Pollution free- low noise levels
  • Easy to operate
  • High productivity due to continuous rating, Constant speed operation, minimum operato fatigue and minimum down time.
  • Low maintenance cost due to absence of Frequent armature burn out or carbon brush cleaning, replacement problems of universal motor tools and clogging of filters of pneumatic toolos.
  • Dynamically balanced, minimise vibrations and ensure smooth running.
  • Constructuion of the machines are made sturdy and robust offer vibration free performance.

Special Purpose Grinding Machines

What We Provide?

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PUI Grinding Machines Salient Fatures

Automobile Industries

  • Sleeves
  • Composite Spindles
  • Automotive fastener
  • Clipped pin noise roller
  • Catalytic converter
  • Steel, metal titanium rod
  • Transmission busing
  • Pinion shaft
  • Automotive solenoid spoo
  • Lifter body
  • Engine valve
  • Burnishing tools
  • Automotive valve seat
  • Steel spring cup
  • Automotive bearing
  • Spark plugged
  • Composite spindle & rods
  • Gear

Manufacturing Industries

  • Carbide tool
  • Carbide guage pin
  • Carbide Rods (Tungsten)
  • Automative Bearing
  • Precision punches
  • Welding Rods
  • Drill tap set
  • Machine Parts
  • Composite Strip
  • Circuit bord drill blanks
  • Zirconium ball
  • Glass rod
  • Golf Shaft
  • Felt pen tips

Mining General Purpose uses & Power

  • Polycrystalline Diamond cutter
  • Aluminium tube
  • Ceramic insulators for power plant
  • Fuse Bodies
  • Composite spindles and rods


  • Arthroscopic Shaves
  • Bone drill (Steinmann Pin)
  • Crygenic Insulator)
  • Neck Tube
  • Mandrel
  • Bone screw
  • Arthoscopic Shaves.