Pitroda - PUI 50

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Machines Specification

Made of close-grained cast iron and are well ribbed. The robust design of the body minimizes vibration & distortion.

The work rest is mounted on the bottom slide. It carries work blade fitted on it. The work blade can be adjusted up and down to suite various works. The work blade supports the work while being ground.

Standard Equipment

Electric motors, electric control panel box, Coolant tank with pump, Grinding & regulating wheels with its flanges. Standard work rest blade (simple) dressing attachments fitted with two diamond dresser, set of Allen keys of fix spanner, oil can., grinding wheel flange puller, standard part list and grinding wheel spindle bush bearing setting manual.

Special Features

“PITRODA” centerless grinders have facility to swivel complete control wheel side unit (which comprises of control wheel head, steady rest, & feeding unit) about vertical axis 5 deg, I either direction. this can easily be understood from the sketch given here, the idea is obtained from imported centerless grinder this device proves quite economic production for it has three main advantages given here- under.

Optical Accessories

  • Work rest blade in 7 different sizes for job dia 2-4,4-8,8-15,15-25,25-40,40-60,60-85 mm.
  • Extra heavy duty work rest base to grind job more than medium sizes.
  • Special work rest blade for job dia below 2 mm
  • Additional grinding wheel flange.
  • Additional regulating wheel flange.
  • Grinding wheel balancing arbour.
  • Grinding wheel balancing stand.
  • Profile dressing attachment.
  • Magnetic coolant filters equipment.
  • Bar feeding attachment.
  • Micro-feed systems for fine feeding.
  • Semi automatic tapper roller through feeding attachment as per taper roller sizes
  • Control wheel head spindle with bush bearing same as grinding wheel head spindle.
  • Machine lamp
  • Hydraulic dressing devices for both the wheels.

PUI 50 Centerless Grinding Machines Specification

Grinding Wheel Head

Sturdy design to ensure maximum rigidity and smooth operations. Spindle made of nickel chrome steel is duly hardened, ground and, lapped. The spindle runs in “PHOSPHEROUS BRONZE METAL” adjustable taper bush bearings in oil bath. The spindle thrust load is taken by imported double acting thrust ball bearing which is adjustable. Automatic lubrication is by imported double acting thrust ball bearing which is adjustable. Automatic lubrication is by oil splash lubrication systems. Drive is by means of “V” belts


Mounted on feed slide & fed by hand wheel as well as plunge lever. Spindle made of nickel- chrome steel, is hardened and ground. The spindle mounted on precision taper roller bearing & runs in oil bath. The spindle is driven through worm and phosphorous bronze worm gear. Different speeds are provided to suit various job dia. Control wheel headstock together with steady rest can also be swiveled about vertical axis through 5 degree in either direction.


Sr.No. Name PUI 50
1 General
1.Maximum distance between center 50mm
2.Maximum diameter of swing 1.5mm
3.Minimum grinding diameter 50mm
4.Minumum grinding with special arrangement 50mm
2 Wheel head
1.Grinding wheel O/D 250mm
2.Grinding wheel I/D 76.2mm
3.Grinding wheel width 50mm
4.Grinding wheel worn out diameter 175mm
5.Grinding wheel rpm 2100rpm
6.Swivel of grinding wheel dresser side about Vertical axis ± 5 deg.
7.Electric motor 2 / 1440 h.p. / rpm
8.Coolant pump 0.15 / 2800 h.p. / rpm
3 Wheel head
1.Regulating wheel O / D 175mm
2.Regulating wheel width 50mm
3.Regulating wheel I / D 76.2mm
4.Regulating wheel worn out diameter 125mm
5.Regulating wheel speed 18:32:30 rpm
6.Tilting of regulating wheel head ± 5 deg.
7.Complete regulating wheel head unit Swivel about Vertical axis ± 5 deg.
8.Electric motor 0.5 / 1440 h.p. / rpm
9.Over all dimensions W x L x H 1100 x 1400 x 1400 mm
10.Approximate weight 800 Kg
All weights & dimensions are approximate and are not binding as constantly improving designs.
*Extra equipment at extra cost